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Portrait Carving, Jesus Christ Blessing Icon

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Experience the divine presence with our "Jesus Christ Blessing Icon," a mesmerizing portrait carving meticulously crafted by MetaWood. This extraordinary piece is a fine example of the artistry and devotion that captures the essence of Jesus Christ's benevolent blessings.

In this intricately hand-carved wood relief, the serene countenance of Jesus Christ emanates a sense of tranquility and spiritual grace. Every detail, from the compassionate gaze to the gentle hand gesture of blessing, is meticulously sculpted, reflecting our dedication to preserving traditional wood carving techniques.

Perfect for Christian art enthusiasts, religious art collectors, and those seeking a profound spiritual connection, the "Jesus Christ Blessing Icon" brings a touch of divinity into your space. Whether displayed in your home, office, or offered as a heartfelt gift, this portrait carving serves as a powerful reminder of faith, compassion, and the boundless blessings of Jesus Christ. Elevate your spiritual journey and create an ambiance of reverence with this exquisite, handcrafted wooden icon by MetaWood.

Mahogany / Teak Wood

Carving Size - 11.8" W x 15.7" H Inches (30cm x 40 cm)


Other Details: 
1. Handmade / Hand-crafted product.
This is a handmade / handcrafted art product, a slight differences and imperfection might occur (color, grain, size and/or detail).

2. Production Time
Each pieces is made with passion and special effort. It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for production time.

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